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Natural sleep aids

What are some natural aids that can help you and your family sleep better?


Light Therapy

If you or your child do not get enough sun exposure or experience low moods due to seasonal light changes, you may want to read Dr. Peter Forster’s blog on light therapy He recommends the use of full spectrum lighting to combat moods that affect sleep cycles. In fact, there are reports that light therapy helps adults and kids with symptoms of ADHD:


If you feel relaxed throughout the day, you will feel more relaxed and less anxious when falling asleep. Try meditation. It may be able to promote better sleep for you and your children. To understand more about this evidence-based practice, you may like to view this YouTube video.

Guided Imagery

In the privacy of your own home, if not bedroom, try using some of the YouTube clips on guided imagery for relaxation:

Sleep Hypnosis

You can ease into slumber through soothing sleep hypnosis. Here are some on YouTube that may resonate with you:

Since not all of the above will work for you, you will need to try the techniques out and select those that will help you.

If you have more questions on sleep hygiene, please visit Help Guide.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of the organizations or products mentioned above.


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